The Ensemble Hair Story
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    Ensemble Hair Story

    I know from personal experience the feeling of not loving your hair, or knowing what it used to be and not even recognizing how your hair feels to the touch because the texture has dramatically changed and the damage feels like its your new normal. On the other side I also know how AMAZING it feels to be rewarded and see your hair happy for the first time in a long time. Hair growth, shine, hydration, & soft texture are all the results of truly healthy hair. 
    Hair health is a culmination of so many factors and really takes a well rounded approach to make real change and to enjoy healthy hair for life. There are no quick fixes to repair and growth. It all comes down to creating a lifestyle that is no longer putting a band aid over the issue but rather setting you up for success to see the change you want in your hair. 
    All of the years I’ve spent behind the chair and with thousands of amazing clients, I’ve seen and heard so many stories of hair being damaged or not growing for various reasons. Along with addressing the internal factors of health and stress and nutrition, I would always be focused on what they did daily in their regimen including the products they used and how they styled their hair. Every single time it would come down to the tools they used to style their hair with and more specifically the blow dry. Eventually this came to a head and I decided that I only wanted my clients to use tools that would lead them to a healthy hair outcome. This experience and these women’s stories are what started Ensemble HAIR. The mission was to create a brand and tools with the primary focus to target hair health and integrity, tools that are professional grade, beautifully designed, and provide a user experience that is rooted in education so that you know what to do and how to achieve your goals with your hair as well as understand why you are doing each step. You don’t need to use a vast variety of tools to achieve a look. All you need are a few tools that work perfectly together. This is Ensemble HAIR